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Manufacturing Process

Modular kitchen designs are available in a range of styles and finishes. The installation process of modular kitchen is based on a certain set of instructions that are devised by professionals and executed by them owing to their experiences of the field. Modular kitchen installation can be completed within time if carried out by experts in the field. When carried out in a particular fashion, the installation does not give troubles to the home owners, time and again. It remains durable for a longer period, benefitting the home makers with a tension-free space.

Modular kitchen comprises installation of wall cabinets, floor cabinets, drawers, units, hardware, fittings, accessories and other things. Wall cabinets and floor cabinets are also referred as wall units and floor units respectively. The installation process of the units completely depends on the material and design. While some materials are hard to install, others are quite easy to do so, owing to their make. The installation of the counter-top depends upon the shape and layout of the kitchen. While the L-shape occupies a corner of the kitchen, U-shape and island kitchen are installed in a particular manner to make them accessible from all around the kitchen.

After the installation of wall units and floor units, they are made accessible and functional with the fitting of hardware and accessories. Cabinets do not have handles most of the times. The handles are fixed after the installation of cabinets. With this, home owners get the freedom of choosing the handles depending upon their choice, needs and budget. The installation of modular kitchen is quite inexpensive as compared to the development of traditional kitchen by carpenters. The installation depends upon the location of the kitchen. While Indian kitchens vary in the requirement, they are much different in comparison to their international counterparts.

Home owners can choose from the popular colors like red, blue, green, gold for their modular kitchens or choose other shades like cedar, birch, purple or a set of new combinations. The installation of the modular kitchen is taken care of by the brands or the companies. As the installation is a technical process, companies design, implement and execute the modules as per the preferences of the home owners. Home owners might not be aware of precautions and measures to consider while installation. Hence, professional installation is the key to durability, safety and longevity.

Modular kitchen serves a range of functions besides offering an area for cooking. The kitchen has ample space to store utensils of every size, a range of appliances and even the food stuff. Further, it even offers a dining space if there is extra area available for the same. Modular kitchen has enough space for a refrigerator and other important appliances too. All this is possible because the installation of the modules is such executed that there is enough space for everything in the kitchen, without compromising on the beauty and aesthetic value. With the introduction of modular kitchens, the lifestyle of the generation has changed, considerably.
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