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Modular Kitchen Shutters Vadodara

Everyone wants a stylish modular kitchen where they can spend a quality time of four to five hours in a day. Reform the old boring kitchen to a new one with bold and beautiful modular shutters. Shutters not only enhance the appeal of the kitchen but also make the cooking area fun and interesting. There are exciting varieties of shutters available to choose from to suit every kitchen interior needs. Shutters give the classy look and finishing touch to the modular kitchen.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Vadodara
Solid wood as the name suggest is made of thick treated hardwood like walnut, teakwood, oak or rubber wood. The exterior surface is polished with water proof polish using spray guns to give the rich look to the kitchen shutters. Costliest among all the shutters, solid wood is highly durable and extremely elegant. Solid wood shutters are moldable and are designed with a single blank and inlay that gives very natural and royal look to the kitchen. These shutters are available in various colors and designs. They are low in maintenance and free from pests, termites, etc.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Vadodara
These shutters are coated with Polyurethane paint. Hence it gives a kind of glossy finish post installation. The polyurethane properties make them excellent to be used on wood surface. It's hard and durable and gives an aesthetic look to the kitchen. They are resistant to water, dents and stains. One can choose a simple spray method or go for an extremely durable and high-gloss finished coating according to their budget. They give a very impressive and ultramodern look to the kitchen. The coating is done on MDF and Marine Ply. They are maintenance free. There are countless numbers of shades and combination of them to choose from in order to suit the modular kitchen look.


Membrane Shutters, Vadodara
Membrane shutters have imported PVC foil pressed on 18mm waterproof MDF board and that gives the glossy look to it. The look of this shutter is trendy and modern as they are comparatively thin and are flexible too. The finished look of the shutter is precise and smooth as they perfectly bend at the edges, leaving no corner joints. The option of desirable carvings or grooving is also available in this type of shutter and therefore it helps in enhancing the look of the complete kitchen. They come in various colors and textures.


Floral Shutters, Vadodara
As the name suggest these shutters are highly inspired and resembles the most beautiful creation of the nature, that is, flowers. With such joyous and vibrant colors these shutters bring out the interiors of the kitchen. They are made using 16mm marine ply and gives the acrylic finish. These shutters give a refreshing experience in the kitchen. Floral goes very well with the interiors of the kitchen and makes the house look beautiful. Floral shutters are easy to clean and are long lasting. They need less maintenance and have a very fine textured effect.


Acrylic Shutters, Vadodara
Acrylic sheets are pre-laminated board having 18mm waterproof MDF boards. These shutters are imported and have shining look that gives an aesthetic look to the kitchen.
They come in a variety of designs and vivid colors to suit the requirements of the customers. They are resistant to wear and tear, scratches, acid and alkali corrosion. It ensures a beautiful mirror glossy finish. They are eco-friendly with superior performance and durability. They are also waterproof and very easy to clean. It's highly recommended for those who want an easy kitchen.


Laminates Shutters, Vadodara
These shutters come with mica lamination on waterproof 18mm MDF board or plywood. The shutter will have an aluminum or steel beading profiles or PVC edge bands on all four sides which give a very trendy and modern look. It comes in different forms like Matt that gives plain and wood grain effect; Glossy gives the reflection look Textured gives the embossed look to the shutters. There are many colors and different textures to choose from. In all the kitchen shutter range it is most economical and basic one. The shutters are of superior quality and have longer service life. They are corrosion resistant and maintenance free.
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